Leading the United Way Campaign Is a Family Tradition

Peter J. ConnorsThe role of Campaign Co-Chairs is a crucial one, as the individuals work with the Campaign Cabinet, Loaned Campaign Specialists (LCSs) and others to achieve campaign success. This year we are grateful to have Pete and Santina Connors leading the 2018 United Way Campaign. Pete and Santina have been dedicated volunteers with United Way for several years and are now making history as United Way’s first Legacy Co-Chairs. Nearly 30 years ago, Pete’s parents, Jim and Anna Connors were at the helm of the 1990 Campaign, which happened to be Tammy White’s first year at United Way of Berks County. “The Connors family has shared a tremendous commitment with our organization spanning decades. In working with Pete and Santina this year, it really brings their long-standing support full circle for me,” shares Tammy.

James M. ConnorsThe Connors’ legacy of giving back to the community has been fostered through their family, along with their family business, Connors Investor Services. “When I look back through the years, I’ve had the opportunity to see the wonderful work my parents were doing by volunteering with United Way. That has made such an impact, and it has inspired both me and Santina,” says Pete. The Connor’s passion for our community is infectious. With their strong leadership and desire for making a difference, they have immersed themselves into learning as much as they can about United Way programs and partners, as well as participating in many company campaign meetings and even participating in a few Emerging Leader United (ELU) events – with one of their favorites being a part of a Zumba dancing event with a group of seniors.

“We’re having an amazing time,” Santina shared. “Serving as Co-Chairs is truly a life-changing experience. We’ve had the opportunity to meet so many people who have been helped through United Way funded programs, and you can’t help but be in awe to see that type of impact. And, it’s been phenomenal to work with the LCS group and watch them develop into such a strong and impactful team. They are making such an incredible difference in our community,” says Santina. “We have always believed in United Way’s work, and we now feel like United Way is truly a part of us,” adds Pete.

With one week remaining in the campaign, everyone is hard at work to reach the $10.7 million campaign goal. Santina has been moved by the caring spirit they’ve seen throughout their time as CoChairs. “We are so impressed by the generosity of Berks County. We are very fortunate to live in a community where people truly do LIVE UNITED.”