How We Work Together

Our Approach To Forging Successful Relationships:

  1. Understand client goals and objectives
  2. Tailored Investment Plans
  3. Manage client investments as prudent as we would our own
  4. Communicate regularly and clearly what is being accomplished

We begin every new relationship the same way: We invest the necessary time to sit with you, face-to-face, to get to know and understand your specific ambitions before we invest your money to help you achieve your goals.

Our principals and years of service at Connors Investor Services

Peter J. Connors, CFA, 27 years
Steven C. Silverman, CFP®, 22 years
Steven E. Pottieger, CFP®, 14 years
Michael J. Noon, CTFA, 7 years
Thomas R. Platt, CIMA®, 6 years
Robert J. Cagliola, CFA, 21 years
Robert W. Hahn, 2 years
Brian G. McCoy, CFA, 16 years
James M. Connors, Chairman, 50 years
Lidia Zidik, 22 years
Debora M. Covell, CCO, 2 years

The one thing we always strive to earn, and preserve throughout all of our unique relationships, is trust.

How We Work

Some firms offer a single approach to investing, employing the same asset mix and strategies for all clients. We consider this a disservice, since appropriate asset allocation is crucial for results to meet client needs.

How much risk is acceptable and necessary to pursue desired returns? Are regular withdrawals needed? Are needs likely to change significantly in the next several years?

These and other client-specific factors must be taken into account in determining an appropriate asset allocation.

That’s why we customize our approach to each client’s long-term financial goals.

We construct an investment portfolio on a custom-designed, fully discretionary basis, which we then monitor and adjust in response to changing investment goals.

And while we offer a variety of different products and services to our valued clients, the one thing we always strive to earn, and preserve throughout all of our unique relationships, is trust.

About Our Founder, James M. Connors

Connors Investor Services was founded in 1969 in Reading, Pennsylvania, as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). Jim Connors, founder and current Chairman, earned his B.A. in economics at Princeton University in 1954 and his MBA degree at the Harvard Business School in 1956. Mr. Connors has been in portfolio management and an advocate of writing covered calls on common stock since the beginning of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE®) in 1973. The Connors Option Service was one of the first options research publications produced exclusively for investment advisory firms throughout the United States.

In 2015, Jim and Anna Connors were recognized by Alvernia University and awarded the university’s Franciscan Award . The  award honors individuals who selflessly give of their time, talents, and resources for the betterment of others. This award was presented to James and Anna Connors for exceptional service to the university, the community, and the profession. We are proud to have Jim as our founder.

Connors Investor Services, The Smart Option, since 1969


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At Connors, we’re passionate about establishing strong relationships and building an investment plan for you that will weather all storms. The Smart Option.

Our Mission

We strive to provide superior levels of integrity, service, and performance to our clients, and always consider their interests to be our primary concern. Consistent with this, we strive to have all of our associates consider Connors Investor Services an excellent place to work and personally benefit from the success of the firm. Additionally, we strive to contribute substantially, and in many ways, to the health and strength of our community.